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Torah Calendar Study - Melchizedek Yahusha - Messiah.

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The Teachings are in the order they were taught so I would suggest watching them in the same order so that you can follow the way they were presented live
We have the compleate Season for last Years study or join us witrh the new version 2 of the current season to follow along as it is taught live on zoom each week.

Torah Covenant Calendar Club Members are continually looking for ways to bring more clarity into the body of Melchizedek Yahusha -Messiah. Repair is absolutely essential, or else more deterioration, decay and death will result.  As Repairers of the Breach in the physical universe about us, the work of the set apart ones is partly that of calendar restoration.

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2019 Current Teachings Join each week as we study the Torah Covenant Calendar


2018 Series One Completed

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We meet each week on Zoom to discuss and learn together please feel free to join us.


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Eine Frau steht auf den Mond - Offenbarung (Teachings in German) 
Torah Calendar Study


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This Channel is dedicated to "Unveiling" the word of Truth for the Restoration of ALL things under the order of Melchizedek (Righteous King) Yahusha, our one...

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