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18. The Moon Oh the Moon Part 2

Is there a commandment comanding us to judge those using the moon to commence a month or start for a biblical holy day? In part 2 of The Moon study, we will breakdown & discuss the "5 types of the moon" written in the scriptures.

Mapping the Moon with H4150

These 2 chapters have strict guidelines to not look to any heavenly host lest they be worshipped. Could the sun’s involvement for year start be classed as worship?

The 613 Mitzvot are promoted as commands of Moses. Why is it Moses’ two commands in Deut 4 & 17 are not part of the strict Mitzvot commands?

Isa 58:1 has a command to “Cry aloud and spare not” and teach others the Torah Truths including Deut 4 & 17 about gazing at the sun & moon. Is this a judgment?

The calendars using a sunset day and moon month both depend on these heavenly bodies to determine the time and date for “worship.” Who is serving what?

Moses did not syncretize Yahuah’s Covenant Calendar with the pagan calendars using the sun and moon for worship statutes as many do today. Neither should we!

Ordinances - Sun: greater light ruling the day. Stars: the lesser lights to rule the night. The moon is elected for special ordinances to bless the earth & mankind - not mo`eds.

H4150 Mo'edim -  1st def.) is for agricultural seasons; 2nd def.) appointed times of worship; 3rd def.) appointed times of breeding & migration. The moon is ordained for agricultural times.

H4150 Qualifier - The agricultural “fixed seasons” were established on Day 4 of creation before any worship seasons. With H4150, the Scripture context must qualify the correct definition.

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