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17. The Moon! Oh, the Moon!

Learn what the bible says about "The Moon" & its regard if any to the biblical covenant calendar.
This will be a in depth study, and is the first of the Moon study series. CCC invites you to study for yourself.

The Covenant Calendar study is completely found in Covenant Torah pages between Gen 1:1 – Exo 24:11.

Then the “testimonies” are a 2nd witness in the Tanach.

Anan Daud (founder of Karaite Sect) was highly influenced by an Islamic teacher. He managed to syncretize Karaites, Hindus & Muslins through the moon month.

The Moon study sheet is a study tool that introduces the 5 Hebrew moon numbers that are used for “moon” in the KJV along with the proper “Parts of Speech.”

The first mention of “moon” is found in Gen 37 … 1700 years after creation. H3394 represents the literal moon

[noun] in the sky in all 26 verses – not the festal month.

The 26 H3394 Scriptures for the literal moon can be divided into 4 categories

: 1) Prophecy;

2) Warning;

3) Signs; 

4) Creation.

None promote a festal month.

Torah contains 3 verses using H3394 as the literal moon. Deut 4 & 17 both utter strong warnings

from Moses not to look to the moon for anything.

All 26 verses in the Tanach within the four categories were examined closely for any witnesses of the literal moon beginning the festal month. There was nothing.

Out of the 4 categories of Prophecy, Warning, Signs & Creation, the moon’s most important status is found in the area of Prophetic Signs, especially past & future.

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