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We study and promote the calendar which upholds and fulfills each and every one of Yahuah's statutes every time. Not just here and there, but every time.

Yahuah's statutes control all time. Period. With that understanding, if our thoughts and ideas fracture a statute in any way, then our ideas are faulty and must be re-examined entirely to come into alignment with the Words of the Scriptures.

Isaiah has told us 7 times that if we want to know the ending, we must know the beginning. The Torah is where Truth must be examined first and all else must find alignment there.

That being said, the crucifixion event and the weeks leading up to it have the final say.

Yahusha lived out the Torah with perfection and nothing less. So in the life and death of Yahusha we find the calendar of the Blood Ratified Covenant as agreed to 3 time by the fledgling Hebrew nation.

But first this calendar was referenced starting in Genesis 1. Please note that there is no mention of the moon until Joseph's dream nearly 1500 years later! And even then the context had nothing to do with the moon starting the year.

Yet Abraham knew the start of the year! Isaac was born "according to the time of life"! Gen 17:21/18:14/21:2. How did Abraham know how to start Yahuah's year? How did Abraham know exactly when Abib 14 was when the moon had not even been mentioned? Was there more information than what we have been taught?

Interestingly enough, the calendar year that Yahuah declared to rule this earth and through eternity is referenced no less than 840 times in the Tanach! Within this Hebrew word is the understanding of eternity. Not a time capsule of years in a rotational cycle like the one that claims every 19 years as a foundation, but eternity! Have you ever seen in the Scriptures mention of a 19 year cycle of years? No where! It does not exist!

On to Mosheh. When Mosheh led the Hebrew nation in the Exodus from Mitsrayim, he was commanded to follow a highly precise and accurate calendar. Mosheh had to start the year according to the 10 witness verses in the Scriptures all of which make zero mention of the moon! He had to ensure they started out on Abib 14 by observing Passover, leave Mitsrayim on Abib 15, travel 3 days crossing the Read Sea on a 24 hour travel period, and make certain that the men, woman, children and livestock all had a 7th day Sabbath of rest after their "Salvation Today" - Ex 14:13. Mosheh then needed to bring the nation into the wilderness of Sin on a Preparation day before the 7th Day Sabbath so the people could congregate on the Sabbath and form a unified complaint to Mosheh about the food. Why a Sabbath? Because when the quail arrived that evening, they could then have manna that started on a 1st day of the week to make a complete test of the people to teach them about the 6 days of work before the 7th day of rest!

Then Mosheh needed to bring them on the third month, on the very same day of the week, upon which they left Mitsrayim (Wed), into the Wilderness of Sinai.

Next, on the 5th cycle (Thursday) so when the command came to be ready to witness Yahuah come down onto Mt Sinai IN 3 DAYS - on a 1st cycle (Sunday) they would be ON TIME for Mosheh to receive the 10 Commandments, 50 days after Mtisrayim, on the correct date that would later be known at Pentecost!

Be certain that Mosheh would not, could not and in no way regarded the moon with its high inaccuracy for timing, as the way to determine the calendar! No, Mosheh regarded the 10 witness of the Scriptures that tell us unequivocally how to start Yahuah's year.

With Yahuah there is no variableness. Yahuah is precise. Period. Then moon does not and cannot produce this type of punctuality that MUST APPLY to Yahuah's Mo-edim.

What about the flood account with Noah? Did Noah float by a lunar calendar? Not even a remote chance! The stounding accuracy within the flood date documentation deals a swift blow to any chance of Noah regarding the moon for determining when the ark needed to be entered and when they left it empty after the destruction! Noah was not a fool, he was a man of Yahuah! A chosen Captain.

This 6th cycle (Preparation evening on Covenant Calendar Club I will be presenting this study in detail.)

The Torah set the pace. The Crucifixion account displays the accuracy that Yahusha lived out the importance of abiding by the 10 witnesses in the Scriptures of how to start Yahuah's year!

Question: have you read the many verses in the Scriptures of how much Yahuah hates the new moons? We have been taught to overlook and ignore these highly important texts! Why?

What happened leading up to the crucifixion event?

Yahusha at 12 years old was "found" by His parents 3 days after the Festival of the Jews, speaking and teaching in the Tabernacle! What was He doing? I must be about my Father's business! What was His Father's business?

If we look back at the 3 times the Hebrew nation agreed to obey the commands of Yahuah, just before the Covenant was sealed and ratified in blood and sealed with a meal by Mosheh, Aharon, Nadab, Abihu and the 70 elders, we will see the command that each and EVERY male must present himself before Yahuah, in the Temple! Yahusha was presenting Himself according to statute IN THE TEMPLE according to Yahuah's Covenant Calendar! The Covenant which all the Hebrew nation agreed to 3 times before it was ratified in blood!

What about the Jew's Feast? Read on before this is answered. Please recognize the difference exposed in the Scriptures when it tell us things were done "according to the Torah", and "the Feast of the Jews". We are told extremely clearly in Leviticus 23 that the Feasts are Yahuah's and Yahuah's alone! Yet the authors would have us believe that there were "Feasts of the Jews"! Shall we ignore these words of the Scriptures as irrelevant? Or shall we take this to heart and search it out?

Then, - Yahusha arrived 3 days LATE IN THE FEAST OF THE JEWS! John 7-9.

What gave Yahusha the right and clearance to be AWOL from the first of the feast of the Jews? Was not Yahusha a male and then required to be in the Tabernacle presenting Himself to Yahuah as required by the Covenant agreed to at Sinai?

What "clause" written in the Torah excluded Yahusha from obeying the statutes of Yahuah? None! It does not exist! Yahusha was required to obey each and every statute!

Why then could Yahusha skip out on the first Sabbath of the Feast of the Jews and not incur sin into His life?

Were the Jews following the Torah and the 10 witness texts that expose how to start Yahuah's Calendar?

Were the Jews on the same calendar schedule as Yahusha?

What does the Scriptures record? John 7:19 - (remember the context was just speaking about timing) and Yahusha says - "yet not one of you does the Torah"! HHHMMM Does this comment tie in to when He also told them when they made a convert to their religion, they then made that person a son of Gehenna? Or in other words - a son of Satan? What about the incredible amount of verses that tell us of how Yahusha was distinctly repulsed by their belief system? Blind scribes, brood of adders - etc. Adders being known to man as a very quick source of death! Yet Yahusha equates the faith of the Pharisees as the same as death!

And people desire to convince me to look to the "rabbis" for my faith today? Really? What part of Yahusha's admonishing do I not understand or accept?

Back to the question about timing. Notice that Yahusha not only entered into the Feast of the Jews LATE, but He also remained later, in the Temple as well. Was Yahusha on the Covenant Calendar as agreed to by both the Hebrew nation AND YAHUAH at Mt Sinai?

Why then has there been absolutely zero instruction found in the Scriptures indicating that we should follow the moon?

Why then was Jericho taken down on the 13th trumpet? Was this a signal to the world in real time AND PROPHETIC TIME that the 13th month of the lunar calendar simply does not exist, never did and never will IN YAHUAH's KINGDOM? Why is it that Solomon never determined a captain to look after his kingdom in a 13th month? Did Solomon and Yisrael cease to exist in the 13th month? Or maybe better yet - why is there a total absence of a 13th month in the Scriptures?

Why is there also a total absence of instruction to regard the moon to determine Yahuah's Worship Calendar?

Why is it that Yahusha followed the exact same Covenant Calendar format as agreed to in the Covenant at Sinai, through until His death AND AFTER AS WELL?

My friend, we promote the Covenant as agreed to by the Hebrew nation at Mt Sinai.

We abide by the Scriptures when they tell us how to start the year according to the Mazzaroth system.

We speak about the calendar of which is portrayed explicitly leading up to and after the Crucifixion of Yahusha Ha Mashiach.

But most importantly, we follow the words of the Scriptures from the Torah because we know for certain that Yahusha is the Torah and His example is the Living Torah.

I sincerely hope this helps you to understand our outlook of the Covenant Calendar, the one that was agreed to at Mt Sinai and ratified in blood.

If you have any questions at all, please feel free to ask them and we will do our best to answer them.

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I am kind of hesitant to mention this but feel I should mention that there has been a study by those whom worship Yahuah regarding shavuot which depicts the counting to be a count of 50 from the wave sheaf is followed by another count of 50. The researchers did use the Hebrew language in their study. The counting of this in line with the covenant calendar would by my estimation put the festival of shavuot on Monday July 15 2019. May want to take the day off in case as I would not see the harm in doing so if it is incorrect. Those whom have brought this to light are using the enoch calendar so their calculations would be different from mine, in fact I am probably the only person on the Haaretz that would be regarding it on this date. As I also already regarded it 47 days ago. Let me know what you think. Shalom!!
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