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Covenant Torah Calendar Study

Covenant Torah Calendar Study Members are continually looking for ways to bring more clarity into the body of Melchizedek Yahusha - Messiah. (Jesus our Messiah)
This site is for seekers of Biblical truth - if you don't read the bible most of this site will not mean anything to you. 
My recommendation is to at least  read Genesis to Deuteronomy while doing these studies 

The Journey of Yahuah's Covenant Calendar Part 1

The Journey of Yahuah's Covenant Calendar Part 2

Buried 3 days and nights?

Friday , Saturday, Sunday?

Have you ever wondered How if Yahusha (Jesus) was crucified on "Good Friday"  and rose on "Resurrection Sunday" that He was buried 3 Days and 3 Nights?

Friday 1st night  Saturday 2nd night.... Sunday risen at sunrise... oops

It seems we have a problem .

Find out When a day really starts  and a detailed Bible study on the   crucifixion timeline

Time to loom at  the  Torah Calendar Study

Does the moon Rule the Night?

Why can you see the moon during the day if it rules the night?
Download the Moon Study Outline in PDF format

Is the moon is not the lesser light that rules the night? 

Why would we see in it the daylight if it did? 

Does the Mazzaroth rule the night? 

Watch The Moon Oh the Moon series

Please join us for a discussion each week and we will answer these questions and more 

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Creations First Tequfah Witness

Part 1

Your most likely familiar, of the so called New Year's Resolutions.. 
It's a tradition, most common in the Western Hemisphere, but also found in the Eastern Hemisphere as well.
It's a time in which a person resolves to change an undesired trait or behavior, to accomplish a personal goal or otherwise improve their life.
It's an over all commitment theme for the roman New Year, and it's sadly one that keeps people steeped in pagan traditions of death.. 
see > Origin of New Years Day

In this week's class  we're very excited to examine what our creator says regarding the beginnings of the New Years and the DNA of LIFE..

Join us as we will take a look at the DNA of Tequfah (also spelled Tekufah). ~ presented by Timothy Astleford

Here are some questions that need to be answered and Praise YAH, they will ! 
  • Where in the Scriptures is the first witness of Yahuah's Covenant year recorded?
  • When Yahuah made certain that Mosheh was trained in all the wisdom of Egypt, what type of year was utilized for the commerce of the country?
  • Did the Pharaoh himself observe the Tequfah based year?
  • What happens when a lunar year is inserted into time, does time continue as normal or does time itself stop? 
  • Will the lunar calendar stand the test of time?
  • If there ever was a lunar year on this earth, could time even exist at all?

These above are just a few of the questions that will be unveiled this week... 

Isaiah tells us we must know the beginning to understand the ending!  

When Was Yahusha ( Jesus ) Born?

Is December 25th Really the birthday of our Messiah ?

Why would the "church" choose to celebrate the birth of Yahusha on a pagan gods day?

Would you care if your family celebrated your birth on a the day of your enemy or an ex lover ?

What does the bible say about the way we worship ?

Do you care what Yahusha (Jesus) says?

If you do then join us on our study of the 

 Covenant Torah Calendar Study

What to do... How can we help to restore Abba's kingdom on earth as it is in heaven?

Here are few Ideas of things to do during the Members Hangout Time Together..
When were not having a formal class, consider;
  • Praying together - This one is HUGE.
  • Define What is Torah Covenant Calendar.
  • Get a consensus - which Torah Calendar Study classes are most valuable to share and in what order.
  • Practice presenting one of CCC past PDFs to each other.
         (if possible, have someone record their screen so you can share it if you like the results)
  • Share a Screen to create a Calendar PDF or Powerpoint Presentation together.
  • Open discussion on Torah Calendar Study Subjects/Findings...
  • Note topic & Ideas to request to CCC Host or Instructors.
  • Repair is absolutely essential, or else more deterioration, decay and death will result. .
  • Declare the  Melchizedek's Covenant Calendar

As Repairers of the Breach in the physical universe about us, the work of the set apart ones is partly that of calendar restoration as a tool to lead people into Covenant with our Messiah. This is a prime goal of  the Torah Calendar Study.

Some people who are searching for the truth about the Torah Calendar may also search terms like  Melchizedek's Covenant Calendar, 
Blood-ratified Covenant , Covenant Calendar, Creation's Covenant Calendar, The Creator's Count , The Creators Covenant Calendar, Covenant Calendar Count, Calendar Count from Creation, YHVH's Counting of Days and Years ,Calendar, Everlasting Covenant Calendar ,Torah's Covenant Calendar , Hebrew Jewish Calendar, Lunar calendar, biblical calendar, Jewish Calendar Start, Hebrew calendar, feast calendar, Jewish feast calendar enoch calendar.

Be very careful what you believe, test everything does it hold up with the Torah as there are many false calendars about. We will expose the deception of many false calendars and invite you to study with us.

Feel free to give feedback on the Torah Calendar Club's  Study

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This site is provided free of charge and you are under no obligation to give money for any of the information provided on this site.

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